fund for founders who dare to defend democracy

Our goal

Help Ukraine win the war through technology and turn the winning solutions into global success stories.


We work on

  • Investment

  • Tailored
    support program

    It is designed to ensure a rapid deployment or scaling in Ukraine, create a stronger business foundation, and find growth opportunities globally.


we support
our companies

Initial funding of $125k

Opportunity to get additional investment post-programme
Access to a global community of security leaders, executives, officials, startups and investors
Accelerating cooperation with Ukraine's officials (certifications and approvals, relationships with key stakeholders)
Mentoring by top global experts in security technologies and business
Fundraising and sales support

What we are
interested in



  • How to get investment from D3?
    1. Startups usually connect with us through an application process, a warm introduction from other companies and investors, or networking during events. In all cases, we would like to see your basic deck.
    2. Once applied, startups will engage with one of our partners. We like to start our journey with a quick 30-minute call to understand your product and technology and pitch our value proposition to you.
    3. If we like what we see, we happily engage in more detailed calls/meetings with your team. You would also talk to more partners from our side. We will be interested in your technology, R&D process, results so far, interaction with the military, team dynamics, and motivations
    4. The journey will continue with a technical review, where our Experts in Residence will assess the feasibility of your technology and production/delivery process. This serves to highlight possible risks for us.
    5. We will extend you an investment offer upon completing all the steps. If we reach a mutual agreement, we will complete security and compliance checks with you, after which we can sign the deal, and your startup will become a part of the mentorship program
  • How do you make decisions?

    We invest in emerging and disruptive technologies that help Ukraine win through asymmetric advantage. Our sweet spot is early-stage, technology-driven startups from Ukraine and Allied countries.

    Core dimensions of our decision-making logic:

    • Team. Is the core team engaged full-time? Can this team deliver an edge against the market on at least a component/module level? Can this team make a scalable and evolving business? It is mandatory for us to have technical co-founders in the company.
    • Technology validation. Does the tech make sense and work? Is the R&D process scalable and agile? Is the production/delivery process scalable? How are supply chain risks mitigated?
    • Practical validation. Does it correspond to the current needs of Ukraine? Has it been proven in trials or deployments? How does it compare to alternatives?
  • What are the terms of the investments?

    D3 invests $125k in the startup in exchange for 7% of equity. For companies beyond the pre-seed stage, our terms may differ. Depending on a company's incorporation, investments are made via convertible loan agreements or SAFEs. A 3-month program follows the initial investment.

    D3 also has the capacity to provide additional capital and will support companies with their fundraising after the program.

  • What is your value proposition to startups except for investment?

    D3 goes beyond just capital investment to build winning companies fast. We support our startups with:

    • Top global mentors are part of the program
    • Help with customer development, go-to-market
    • Fundraising support
    • Access to the end users for shorter development cycles and faster iterations
    • Support with business development to turn companies into a global success story
    • Connections to government stakeholders